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Elforest Technologies is today a small company with a broad range of skills. Our size makes it possible for us to handle complex technical projects with very limited overhead to achieve results faster. Our customers, often large organizations, save time and money when they turn to us with an idea. Often, the goal is to test new concepts on current machines. In Elforest prototype workshop, we often retrofit our customers machines with new drivetrains. This way, it's possible for us to implement, test and refine the systems that we have developed before returning the machine to the customer for further tests and evaluation.



With Elforest's CAN-bus logger and analysis tool, advanced pre-studies are conducted on machines and vehicles of varying size. Data recorded from the combustion engine's control unit is combined with data from a number of sensors such as hydraulic flow and pressure sensors, accelerometers, GPS and angular sensors.


The drivetrain as well as subsystems such as the hydraulics are analyzed based on the data recorded. These data are later used for dimensioning a new electric or hybrid-electric drivetrain and energy storages.

Systems design


Elforest engineers do a complete systems design with customized energy storages based on batteries or super capacitors. These energy storages together with electric motors, generators, inverters, control units, cabling, etc. is drawn into the customer's existing CAD-models.


A control system that interacts with the machines current control system is designed and implemented by Elforest's software engineers.

Prototype workshop


The newly designed systems are built and tested in Elforest fully equipped prototype workshop. If the customer has delivered a machine to be rebuild, then the systems are also installed into the machine.


Installation of systems and components ranging from 12 to 750 volts as well as combustion engines and hydraulic systems can be done in the prototype workshop. All work in the workshop is supervised and, to a great extent, done by Elforest's engineers, the same persons who designed the systems in the first place.

Test & evaluation


Test and evaluation of the new systems, usually performed by the customer, is aided by Elforest engineers. By equipping the machine or vehicle with the Elforest logging system, it is possible to monitor everything that happens in every sub-system of the machine.


If errors or possible improvements are discovered, then the different subsystems can be remotely updated without delay. Often, only minutes after they have been discovered. This makes further development and analysis highly time and cost efficient.