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Electrical Drive System with HUSQVARNA


Elforest Technologies participates in the development of a new electric drive system for a prototype. Elforest delivers engineering, system design, component evaluation and component selection, programming of the control system.


Electric hybrid log handler


In cooperation with Engbergs transportsystem Elforest technologies is developing electric hybrid powertrains for future log handlers.


Huddig Tigon Technology


On behalf of Huddig AB, Elforest Technologies has developed and delivered electric hybrid components and services for the development of their new concept model.


Ponsse Ergo with Elturbo


Elforest Technologies have designed and installed an Elturbo unit in a Ponsse harvester. The evaluation shows better productivity and reduced fuel consuption.


Cooperation with Diesel Motor Nordic/Deutz


Elforest Technologies offer customized hybrid system solutions together with Diesel Motor Nordic, for example with Elturbo technology from Elforest.