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The control unit that communicates with wireless sensors. Elforest WCU is the optimal control unit for price sensitive products.


Some of the features:

  • 2 x CAN-bus interfaces
  • 1 x LIN interface
  • 1 x Zigbee wireless interface
  • Firmware update and configuration via CANOpen
  • 8 x analog inputs
  • 8 x PWM outputs
  • 7-36V power supply
  • low power consumption, < 20mA @ 24V
  • C/C++-development with opensource toolchain, no license fee




Elforest Logger for remote monitoring of CAN-bus systems. Powerful unit that records all data sent on the bus without any filtering.


Some of the features:

  • 2 x CAN-bus interfaces
  • 2 x Ethernet for Internet or LAN access
  • 9-40V power supply
  • always records every byte of data transmitted on the CAN-buses
  • data stored on memory card, makes it possible to store up to years of recordings
  • built in support for uploading to remote server
  • live-streaming support, the Elforest CANLogPlot can connect and plot CAN-data live without delay over the Internet or the local network




Elforest analysis tool, CANLogPlot, is used to process and visualize CAN-data collected by the Elforest Logger.


Advantages such as:

  • market leading in processing large amounts CANbus-data
  • fast pan and zoom functionality makes it easy to navigate through plotted CANbus-signals
  • simple to write mathematical functions for advanced processing of signals
  • just as easy to monitor live-data while recording as previously recorded data
  • easy to analyze trends and deviations
  • easy to export data to other formats