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Elforst Logger for remote monitoring of CANbus-data, Compatible with all CANbus-protocols, Logging all data without filtering. Data can be visualized and processed live via WLAN or Internet in Elforest analysis tool. The Logger unit is also equipped with functions for remote update of vehicle control systems.


Elforst Logger saves time and money by shortening the development process.



Analysis tool


Elforest analysis tool is used to process and visualize CAN-data collected by the Elforest Logger.


Advantages such as:

  • market leading in processing large amounts CANbus-data
  • fast pan and zoom functionality makes it easy to navigate through plotted CANbus-signals
  • simple to write mathematical functions for advanced processing of signals.
  • just as easy to monitor live-data while recording as previously recorded data
  • easy to analyze trends and deviations
  • easy to export data to other formats



Wireless Battery Management System


BMS developed by Elforest for monitoring and balancing of Lithium based battery cells. Unique product using a minimum of cables, robust and suitable for heavy duty applications.


The algorithm for balancing the cells is developed to be able to handle hybrid applications where plug in charging is impossible.

Elturbo technology


Patented technology for "electric flywheel". Improves torque, peak power, efficiency and response times of the combustion engine as well as improving the working environment for the driver by reduced noise levels.


Component sizes, voltage levels, energy storages etc. can be adapted to almost any size of combustion engine. Elforest has experience from building elturbo-systems from 48V/20kW up to 750V/250kW electric power (added to the power of the combustion engine).